Panti Asuhan "Sonaf Maneka" Orphanage "Sonaf Maneka"

This blog is intended for raising funds via sponsors.

Setup Blogsite

I am still working on filling the database with basic info and photo’s ……….

Tired but ….. still a lot of work to do. :-)

Umbu ……bisa check info CONTACT ?

Ina could translate the ABOUT US page and mail it to me ?

Sept 23 2009  01:28

Again tired….

Made a lot of modefications to the blog.

Registered a domain name for the next 10 years.

Setup Email accounts for Umbu.

Transferred the test Blog to its new domain.

Still many things to do………next is the setup of a PayPall account and do some testing.

Bed time ….need sleep

Sept 25th 2009

Yet again it is 04:48 AM …….figuring out how to implement the PayPal payment.

They have so many restrictions regarding a personal account if one wants to make donations.

They want non-profit organisations to register a bussines account hense one that makes

a payment also pays the commission for it to payPal.

On a personal account there is  a 2500 limit……so I am trying to foul the system into thinking it is a ……….

Let’s see what it will bring.

sept 26 2009 04:55

Finally found a way to code a paypal subscription linked to a primier account in a simple manner.

Have to do some testing first ……..rrrr

Time flies like nothing.

Sleep …. need lots of it.

Sept 26 2009 21:18

Again time flies like nothing.

PayPal is running as a wanted.

Next step is to get a CC for the bank account so the funds can be transferred from

PayPal to the bank account.

A CC is nessecery because there is a limit in tranferring funds to a Indonsian bank account.

It is sepossed to be  a kind of security check.

First Subsciption is already in. :-)

Need many more ……………..

Now it is time for relaxing a bit.

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